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Manchester Woodcraft founder, Ferdinand ‘Nundy’ Bongartz first opened the woodshop’s doors in 1950 with a love of Vermont, design, and local community. Known for his fine craftsmanship, Nundy created everything imaginable from wood- all of it practical and useful. He believed fine woodwork should be made affordable to anyone, and knew the importance of community involvement. Nundy was also a dedicated husband and father of five.

Manchester Woodcraft, circa 1950

All of his children helped customers and ran machinery at one time or another. Two of his daughters, Lauren & Jenny, chose to focus their energy on the business, taking over operations in 1996 and continue to do so to this very day.

A lot has changed throughout the decades but we have remained true to the tradition of the small factory store full of sawdust, laughter and a talented crew of local woodworkers.

We’re more than just a business, we’re a family.

A look inside Nuny's workshop. Many of the machines from 1950 are still in use today.

Current Owners Lauren and Jenny

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